PR:Nivea Night Whitening Skin Moisturiser/Body Lotion

This is a press release from Nivea.
NIVEA India Pvt. Ltd, an affiliate of Beiersdorf AG and the world’s Number 1 Skin care brand introduces its first body lotion to offer a Night Whitening proposition in the market- NIVEA Night Whitening Skin Moisturiser. This launch builds on their existing Whitening portfolio which includes Whitening Even Tone Lotion and Extra Whitening Lotion + SPF15.
PR:Nivea Night Whitening Skin Moisturiser/Body Lotion

Day long exposure to the sun darkens the skin and the harsh external environment leaves it dull and dehydrated. It is important to replenish the moisture lost during the day, right before you sleep, so that the skin has enough time to rest, recover and rejuvenate without any external disturbances like pollution, sun, dust etc. Applying a night lotion helps the body skin to remain healthy and supple through the night so that you wake up feeling fresh! NIVEA Night Whitening Skin Moisturiser contains Vitamin E, Berry Extracts & Mela Control Complex. On regular use, it provides moisturised skin and even skin tone as it works on your skin while it is at rest and more receptive.
Pick your NIVEA Night Whitening Skin Moisturiser today! Available at all stores in India.
Available in the following sizes:
· 100 ml – Rs.135
· 200 ml – Rs.249

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