What is Thyroidism?Can it cause Acne?

This post I will be discussing how Thyroid malfunction affects our overall health and particularly skin problems like Acne along with other Side effects.

I had Mild/Moderate Acne in my Teens. I went to a Dermatologist to get myself treatment and it was taken care off. But suddenly last year I was under Acne Attack and was feeling low. It was back and could not figure out why??I thought it was Polycystic ovarian Syndrome(PCOS) but when I underwent a series of Tests.Later I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism. Women are Commonly more affected by this than Men.This is actually more than serious than people think,so I would advise not to neglect and get treated.

Thyroid gland is one of the largest Endocrine glands in the body. It is located in the Neck region. The Hormones are T3, T4 and TSH(Thyroid-stimulating Hormone). The Main function is to produce the right amounts of hormones needed to keep body’s metabolism at an optimum working level.

  • Hyperthyroidism is overactive thyroid gland that produces more hormones than required.


  • Hypothyroidism is an under-active thyroid gland that is not producing enough hormones required for normal body function.

Symptoms to watch out for Thyroidism:



2.Weight Fluctuations (Gain/Loss) (In my case Weight Gain).

3.Skin changes (In my case Acne).

4.Depression/Mood Swings.


6.Family Thyroid History (In my case My Mom,Grandma )

7.Voice changes/Any enlargement in the Neck .

8.Infertility/ Irregular Menses in Women (My Cycle was Affected)

9.Severe Constipation.


Relation With Acne:

Acne is mainly caused by Hormonal Imbalance. When Thyroid is not able to do its job properly it results in hormonal imbalance in the body. Hence It Triggers Acne. So when Thyroid is the root cause it is important to Treat Hyper/Hypothyroidism before you Treat Acne. With the Thyroid Treatment And Acne regimen,my acne is under control and so are my Thyroid levels.


Cost:The cost of Test is around Rs 350-550 depending on Hospitals/Diagnostic Centres.

Treatments For Thyroid:

  • Thyroid hormones in oral supplements like Levothyroxine (like Eltroxin,Thyronorm etc)
  • Radioactive Iodine therapy.
  •  Rare case scenario Surgery.

Final Verdict:

If there is thyroid problem  do not neglect at any cost. Take Treatment Right away else it could lead to some severe complications, Specially Women. It is necessary to get yourself  thoroughly tested atleast once a year as the proverb  says ”Prevention is always better than Cure”.

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